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Time Zone Troubles? Fix it with Jinja in Pipelines

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Accessing the current date/time in Pipelines using Jinja can be SUPER helpful, but if you don't convert it to your local time zone... it can be SUPER frustrating.

When using the {{ time.now }} Jinja template, you may not immediately notice that you have a time zone issue.

For me on Pacific Time, I'm currently 7 hours behind the UTC time that this template returns... so it's only after 5 PM that I start having issues (when referencing just the date).

Basically, any pipeline running after 5 PM time will use the next day's values 😱

This is a problem. (read more about it)

We can fix this with the Jinja timezone filter. 

Apply Time Zones, such as:

  • Eastern
  • Central
  • Mountain
  • Pacific
  • Plus many more!

How to use the Jinja timezone filter

To add the timezone filter to your {{ time.now }} templates you'll include a "pipe" symbol followed by the 'timezone' function and then the properly formatted time zone within a set of parentheses and single quotations.

Here are several common examples:


{{ time.now|timezone('America/New_York') }}


{{ time.now|timezone('America/Chicago') }}


{{ time.now|timezone('America/Denver') }}


{{ time.now|timezone('America/Los_Angeles') }}

For more time zones use the "TZ database names "column on this Wikipedia page.

What's even better, most of these time zones adjust for daylight savings too!


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