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New to Quickbase Pipelines? Let's take a tour!

automation how to intermediate pipelines Jun 01, 2021

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Learn about using Jinja to build more powerful Pipelines

If you're just getting started with pipelines and don't yet know you're way around the interface... join me on this tour!

I'll walk you through what's what in the Pipelines interface.

Before the tour begins, set up your Pipelines access if you haven't already.

Stops on the tour:

  • My Pipelines
  • Pipeline Info
  • Pipeline Designer
  • Activity Log
  • Channels
  • Switch to User
  • My Preferences

The Pipelines Interface:

My Pipelines

  • Search, Filter by tag or channel, Add, Import
  • Edit, Schedule, Duplicate, Export, View Activity, Delete

Pipeline Info

  • Name, Description, Tags
  • Runs, Billing, and Usage

Pipeline Designer

  • Channels, connections, favorites
  • Designer, drag & drop, expand/collapse steps
  • Schedule or Turn on/off the pipeline
  • Refresh Schema
  • View Pipelines's activity

Activity Logs

  • View runs
  • Troubleshoot
  • Drill down inputs/outputs


  • View channels, see details


  • Pipelines specific help pages

Switch to User

  • Access other users Pipelines

User Menu

  • My Pipelines (main dashboard)
  • Recent Activity
  • My Preferences (Accounts, Billing, Agents, Care Access)

What a fun trip!

Now that you're familiar with the interface practice your Pipeline skills with this  Pipelines CSV Exercise.




Learn about using Jinja to build more powerful Pipelines 

Hone your Pipeline skills with this Pipelines CSV Exercise

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