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Did you know text formulas could do this!

beginner formulas intermediate quick base junkie courses quickbase builder Aug 06, 2021

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What can you do with text formulas?

⭐️ Extract characters from a text string leaving just the part that you need
⤏⤏⤏ Functions such as: Left, Right, Mid, NotLeft, NotRight, and Part

⭐️ Combine text from fields or text strings to produce lists, summaries, and more
⤏⤏⤏ Function and operators such as: "&", List, and Split

⭐️ Modify and manipulate text to get it into the format you need
⤏⤏⤏ Functions such as: SearchAndReplace, PadLeft, PadRight, Upper, Lower, ToText, and ToFormattedText

⭐️ Evaluate the contents of a text field against specific conditions to arrive at a true/false result
⤏⤏⤏ Functions and operators such as: "=", "!=", Contains, Begins, Ends, IsNull, true, false, and not


But wait, there's MORE!

⭐️ Use logic to determine if a specific criteria is met AND return a specific result depending on if the criteria was or was not met
⤏⤏⤏ Functions and operators such as: Case, If, Min, Max, And, and Or

⭐️ Combine functions to produce even more incredible results!

Wow, so many options to enhance the functionality of your Quickbase apps!




For more information on text formulas see the resources below, or skip right to the good stuff and get the Mastering the Text Formula course today!


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Learn how to use text formulas in the Mastering the Text formula course


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