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Mobile App Features for Quickbase

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Do you or your teams work on the go? Looking for a better mobile solution? Now there is one! Quickbase released an app you can download to your mobile phone.

Not only do you get access to all your apps and many of the features you enjoy on the standard version, but you also get access to additional mobile-enabled features.

In this training I'll show you how to:

    • Easily take or upload photos from your phone
    • Enter your current location as an address with one click
    • Open addresses in your map app for fast directions
    • Use speech to text to avoid typing
    • Even drag and drop Kanban cards!

I'm especially excited about uploading photos and using speech-to-text. In the future, I expect to see even more enhancements with possibly signature capture and barcode reading.

What features would you like to see?

Getting started with the new Quickbase app is easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Log in with your Quickbase user ID and password
  3. Start using your apps in the Quickbase app

Enjoy using the features of the new Quickbase app. I'm sure there will be a lot more coming soon!

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FROM THE TUTORIAL: "…using Quickbase away from the office is getting easier and easier…I'm using an iPhone so I'll get the app from the App Store…let's check out that app. Looks like you can use face ID and other biometrics, I'm going to skip that for now and I can see my apps. Let me use the complete project manager from the Quickbase app exchange to show you some of these features. Here on the mobile version of the homepage includes links to various reports, some buttons to create new items, as well as various charts and reports. Let's go first into the customers table. I'll open a record and view an address. One of the features is the mapping, if I click this little button here on the right it'll open my maps and show me that address. Pretty snazzy if you're on the road…let's say I want to create a new record. I'll go to the home page in this app, back at the top I can hit the little plus icon, create a new record. Let's try the geolocation, another feature of the mobile device…this isn't my actual address but it did populate and I assure you it was fairly accurate. Let's look at the photo and attachments feature…open the expenses table, I'm going to edit an existing expense. On the expense record there is a space for a file attachment for receipt. Clicking on that I can take a new photo or I can access my photo library or browse to another file. Let's see about taking a new photo now…you can imagine taking a picture of a receipt or damage to a vehicle or pictures of different phases of a construction site - anything you like and save it directly to the record. That feature I like…in the notes here I can also dictate my notes instead of typing them in which is much easier on the phone….’please find the receipt attached’ - that was really easy! Everything's populated - the receipt and the text…let's look at some of the reports. To access the reports we can see them on the right-hand side here along with each of our tables. Going to the tasks report list you can see there's a variety of different types of reports table reports like these bubble reports, calendars, and even Kanban reports. This one's a little bit interesting, my screen resolution has shrunk a bit in order to fit the Kanban. Here I can't actually scroll left to right but when I pick up a card ever so gently I can move that card across the different phases and then drop it into a new phase. This isn't very easy so I don't know what Quickbase might be doing about that especially…I'm sure that's something they are working to improve perhaps I'll send something through that feedback button some of the reports however I cannot access on the mobile device it tells me I have to go to the full site in order to see that report there also isn't an option to create anything through the app this is really more of a view and edit only no admin settings per se…”


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