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automation how to intermediate pipelines Jun 01, 2021

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Practice your Pipeline skills with this Pipelines CSV Exercise

If you've never used Pipelines before and aren't sure where to start – this video is for you!

To begin using Pipelines, I'll walk you through the setup in these areas:

  • The Admin Console
  • Your My Preferences
  • The Quickbase Pipeline Channel

Steps to enable Pipeline Access:

Admin Console

  1. In the Permissions, specify users that can "Manage Pipelines" 
  2. In the Pipelines section, turn on the channels you'll be using

My Preferences

  1. Add a user token
  2. Assign apps to the token that will be used in Pipelines


  1. Start a new Pipeline
  2. Connect the Quickbase channel using your subdomain and user token

Once you have Pipelines connected to Quickbase, connect any additional channels you plan to use.

If you need to add more apps, remember to update your user token (you do not need to create additional user tokens).

And now that you've finished setting up your Pipeline, it's time to take a tour of the Pipelines interface.




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Hone your Pipeline skills with this Pipelines CSV Exercise

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