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Quickbase Builder Program | Free Personal License

Last year at Empower 2018 in Austin, TX, Quickbase announced the launch of their Builder Program.

At the time, I didn't really know what it was all about. I snapped a photo of the "Coming Soon" information they flashed up on the stage and went about enjoying the rest of the event.

Sign up for your own Builder Account today!

It wasn't until some time later I went back to my Empower notes and photos that I recalled something about this "Builder Program". I signed up for information and subsequently got a bunch of instructions emailed to me... I was very eager to learn about the program, but the instructions were overwhelming.

All that has now changed!

The process to get your builder license is quick and easy. Yay!! I'm sure it will make a big splash at Empower 2019 in Miami, FL, but here's what you need to know now.

So what is the Builder Program?

Quickbase explains it best, it is their program after all, but I'll give it a try.

The Builder Program is a way for anyone to access their very own Quickbase so that they can learn how to use the program.

It is a full-feature version of Quickbase, just like you may use at work or for your business. The difference is, you are not permitted to use this for actual business use. As in, you can't launch an app to be used by others for the running of your company or department.

Regardless of if you have access to a regular license, you can get a Builder Program license.

Just think of the fun you can have playing with new features without the fear of using up or messing up a production environment.

But wait there's more!

You could also use the Builder Program to create a proof of concept for your team or management if you want them to get Quickbase. YES PLEASE!

I'm shocked at how simple it is to sign up and start building using the new Builder Program license.

Check out these how-to videos made using the Builder Program

Sign up for your own Builder Account today!


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