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Stop Auto Adding New Fields to Reports in Quickbase

beginner how to reports time saving tips Sep 12, 2018
Stop Auto Adding New Fields to Reports in Quickbase

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Are you tired of constantly having to uncheck the "Add this field to all new reports" box? When new fields are added in Quickbase, they are automatically included in default the report settings.

I know it took me way too long to realize there was a setting I could change that would save me a bunch of time!


In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the three steps to forever changing the 'cleanup' you have to do after creating new fields.

  1. Open the Table Settings
  2. Click on Reports & Charts
  3. Under the field picker, select "Ask about making it a default" or "Don't make it a default"

Once you have this set, be sure to check your form properties as well.





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