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Multiple formulas with the same info? Use App Variables in Quickbase

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If you've ever found yourself entering the same info over and over in multiple formulas, this tutorial is for you! And if you've ever had to change that info (in multiple formulas) you'll absolutely want to watch.

App Variables are something you should be familiar with. Especially if you use any of the following in multiple formulas across an app:

    • Specific date
    • Brand color or style
    • Reference to a webpage
    • Standard duration
    • Line of text

Just remember all app variables are text only, so they can't include formula functions.

To add an app variable to your Quickbase follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Settings
  2. Click on "new" next to Variables
  3. Enter the variable name and value

Using an app variable in a formula isn't as obvious. To reference the variable you refer to it like you would a field, with the name enclosed in square brackets.

App Variables will save you a lot of time when making formula updates. Enjoy!


FROM THE TUTORIAL: "…If you've ever found yourself using the same info over and over in multiple formulas, and perhaps needing to update it later in all those formulas, this video is for you. To help us understand App Variables, imagine my company has a big event scheduled at the end of April. I want to post this countdown announcement about it in every table of my Quickbase. Let's take a closer look at this announcement. It's made up of several parts - on the first line is the styling that gives it the background and color as well as the font size; that's followed by the duration calculation for the days between the big event and today; then there's the reference to the big event; next is the number of days that the event is planned for and then it ends with the day event text. If any one of these things changes and I'm using the same formula across 10 different tables, I'd have to update it in 10 different tables, which would kind of be a pain. This is where App Variables can come in very handy….app variables are located in your app settings, so go to the home page and click on settings. Here on the right, I can add a new variable. Let's start with the event date. I'm going to enter the date as year, months, and day. You can use a variety of different formats for dates because you're going to have to convert them essentially from text into a date regardless because every App Variable only can have a value of text; so anything we put in here will be interpreted as text. Click OK and add our next variable. This one will be for the styling the styling done in rich text formula fields is all text anyhow so I'll enter that styling here and click Save. Now I've got the duration of the event and that's currently set for three days. Let's say I wanted to change that to seven days I can easily come in here and make that update as opposed to going into all those formulas… back in our formula we can begin to replace some of these pieces with our variables. The reference a variable it's quite different than you might expect instead of using a dollar sign followed by a name like you might with a formula level variable, to call an app variable it looks a lot like calling a field reference or a table alias….we have the announcement style so we'll pop that in and replacing the hard-coded text that we had in here earlier we can also replace the event date, the text here for the name and also the event duration. With all of those changes made we can click Save. We don't see a lot has quite…let's head back to our variables to see what happens when we make a change. Let's change the announcement style, make that background color red. I head back to our table – wow - you can clearly see changing the app variable changed what was showing up in that formula because now that background is bright red. Variables can come in super handy anytime you have an item you need to use in a formula over and over again be that styling using text a duration a date or any other formula element that can utilize text I hope you enjoy using these App Variables…”


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