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Multiple formulas with the same info? Use App Variables in Quickbase

advanced applications formulas how to time saving tips Dec 05, 2018

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If you've ever found yourself entering the same info over and over in multiple formulas, this tutorial is for you! And if you've ever had to change that info (in multiple formulas) you'll absolutely want to watch.

App Variables are something you should be familiar with. Especially if you use any of the following in multiple formulas across an app:

    • Specific date
    • Brand color or style
    • Reference to a webpage
    • Standard duration
    • Line of text

Just remember all app variables are text only, so they can't include formula functions.


To add an app variable to your Quickbase follow these steps:

  1. Open the App Settings
  2. Click on "new" next to Variables
  3. Enter the variable name and value

Using an app variable in a formula isn't as obvious. To reference the variable you refer to it like you would a field, with the name enclosed in square brackets.

App Variables will save you a lot of time when making formula updates. Enjoy!




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