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NEW! Visual Builder in Quickbase

applications beginner how to relationships tables Mar 26, 2019

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Let's build a fictitious Pink Lemonade Stand app with two related tables... all with the visual builder.

If you've built apps before, did you find it frustrating to add tables one by one with no way to visualize the relationships between them as you go? Well, that's now a thing of the past.

Let me introduce you to the new Quickbase Visual Builder!

The Visual Builder allows you to easily create apps from scratch while visually displaying how the tables, fields, and relationships work together.

How awesome is that!

With the Visual Builder, you can:

  • Set your app name and icon
  • Add multiple tables
  • Choose your table icons
  • Drag and drop fields onto the tables
  • Set many of the field properties
  • Determine relationships between the tables

To use the Visual Builder:

  1. Create a new Quickbase app
  2. Choose "Try building your new app with the Quickbase Visual Builder"
  3. Drag and drop tables and fields from the left

As with any new feature, it may take some getting used to for us 'old' builders, but I'm sure it will catch on quickly!

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