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NEW! Visual Builder in Quickbase

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Let's build a fictitious Pink Lemonade Stand app with two related tables... all with the visual builder.

If you've built apps before, did you find it frustrating to add tables one by one with no way to visualize the relationships between them as you go? Well, that's now a thing of the past.

Let me introduce you to the new Quickbase Visual Builder!

The Visual Builder allows you to easily create apps from scratch while visually displaying how the tables, fields, and relationships work together.

How awesome is that!

With the Visual Builder, you can:

  • Set your app name and icon
  • Add multiple tables
  • Choose your table icons
  • Drag and drop fields onto the tables
  • Set many of the field properties
  • Determine relationships between the tables

To use the Visual Builder:

  1. Create a new Quickbase app
  2. Choose "Try building your new app with the Quickbase Visual Builder"
  3. Drag and drop tables and fields from the left

As with any new feature, it may take some getting used to for us 'old' builders, but I'm sure it will catch on quickly!

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FROM THE TUTORIAL: "...I'm going to create a new app. I can choose to try building our new app with the Quickbase visual builder with this link. To test this out I'm going to create an app for a pink lemonade stand. There that looks like a pink lemonade stand to me. Okay, so I haven't used this a lot. It's brand new so you're kind of learning with me here. I'm gonna pull in some tables. It's a simple drag-and-drop. This first table is gonna be our lemonade. And then I'll need to drag in another table for our sales. Again, keeping this really simple. So on our lemonade table I'm going to need to add some fields. That's our date field. Let's call it date made. I'll add another field for cost. Use this drop-down here, currency. Maybe we want some more date fields. Date sold and let's add a couple of date times for our open and close time. Open and closed. So you can see I can add additional fields simply by clicking on the next row. There's also an add field button here. it just adds a field I can delete. And then I could also drag and drop fields from the left toolbar here. Very interesting. I can change the icon let's make this little drop of lemonade. Close that. Option to delete. Great. The fields are set. I'm going to create the relationship by dragging this corner icon over. And it'll pull up my relationship. So each batch of lemonade can have multiple sales. You can edit the relationship. Interesting. It doesn't give me the subsequent options to choose my lookups and such. I'll probably have to do that after the table is created. All right, now in my sales table. Add a date time for sold on. We'll add cups sold then a formula for total sale. Maybe we've even got tip. I can't edit any of these actual fields yet to include my formulas. Oh wait! See that here on the right. I've got some options. Okay, so I can set a few options. But it looks like maybe I'll be able to do the formula in the future just not with this current release. So I'll choose a few others. Interesting. let's add a multiple choice field. So, I don't see the option to actually enter the multiple-choice items and perhaps that'll be an option as well in the future. Go ahead and delete that since I didn't need it. Update my icon, bag o'money. Close that. Now I can create my app. And let's see what happens. Okay so we have our lemonade table. Add new batches of lemonade. And we've got our sales. We can sell the various batches of lemonade. let's look at that relationship. Interesting that it automatically made lookup fields for the first two fields that I added to my lemonade table on to the sales table. So it may or may not be what you want, but you can always adjust it here. But it's definitely something to make note of..."


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