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Change the default report fields & settings in Quickbase

beginner how to reports time saving tips Nov 07, 2018

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Default settings are intended to help save us time, but too often we leave them set to... well the default. This can have the reverse effect of robbing us of our time. With a little upfront effort to re-set the defaults we can save our future selves from this pain.

If any of the following sound like you (or you don't want them to sound like you) check out this tutorial!

  • Constantly having to add and remove the same fields when creating a new report
  • Being annoyed with the default sort order
  • Getting frustrated with the choices in the dynamic filters

In this tutorial, I'll walk you through where, how, and why you should be updating your default report settings.

  1. Open the field settings
  2. Select Reports & Charts
  3. Choose Default Report Settings in the upper right corner

Time to put those default settings to work for you! 



In this tutorial, I mention that you can stop auto-adding new fields to reports. The video that shows you how can be found here:


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