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Drive Action in Your Quick Base by Adding Rich Text Buttons

Learn How to Unleash the Power of Rich Text Formulas for Custom Buttons!

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How Custom Buttons Can Boost Your App Engagement

And why you should be adding them to your Quick Base now!

For a long time Marketing has used the Call to Action (or CTA) to boost views, opt-ins, & sales.

What is a call to action? Typically it is... you guessed it... a button!

But not just any button, a button that's been customized to explicitly drive action.

In Quick Base, buttons can be used for a variety of purposes, whether it's a simple link to another web page or used to execute a complex API formula that automates a task.

However, the look and behavior of the button (or its CTA) can often be overlooked, leading to less than desired engagement.

That's where the Rich Text Formula field combined with HTML & CSS comes to the rescue.

Unleash the power today!

Don't spend hundreds or thousands of dollars outsourcing when you can invest in developing your own skills! In less than a day, you'll learn what would normally take hours upon hours to research and test.

What You'll Get With This Course

All of the following and more will be available to you when you enroll in The Power of Rich Text Formulas for Custom Buttons online course.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Everything you need to create custom buttons in your applications

Instruction that breaks down 3 different methods to create custom buttons

An easy to follow structure that makes learning the necessary HTML & CSS feel simple

A detailed example of a custom button in use, where one button performs 3 different tasks


Discover multiple ways to create custom buttons

Define your own button style down to the very last detail

Use one of many pre-existing styles to shortcut the work

Leverage an image to do the work of the button's graphic

Each of the above is presented in detail with everything you need to create the buttons yourself


Access to quick references that can be used after the course

Swipe files of all the demonstrated formulas that you can copy & paste

Style Cheat Sheet containing all of the style properties and examples

Class Cheat Sheet containing all of the class names and examples



Includes two bonus lessons that take your custom buttons to the next level!

Bonus #1
Using App Variables to save your custom button settings for use in multiple formulas and tables

Bonus #2
How to tap into actions on the form like Save, Save & keep working, Delete, and Print with your custom buttons

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"When I first started to really build apps I knew you could use HTML in some formulas.

But I just didn't understand the placement of all the apostrophes, angle brackets, and ampersands.

I could copy the code from others but struggled to create it on my own. 

After some time, I became more familiar with HTML and the CSS properties and started to piece together how it all worked within the structure of the Quick Base formula field.

Now anytime I need a custom button I can rely on not only my experience but also the references and cheat sheets I've developed.

My only wish is that I would have taken the time to piece it together sooner.

Today I help others learn the structure and provide them with the same references so that they can enjoy the benefit of custom buttons in a fraction of the time!"

Sharon Faust
Expert Builder | Instructor | Founder
of Quick Base Junkie

Sample Videos

Below are several excerpts from videos in The Power of Rich Text Formulas for Custom Buttons course.


The Power of Rich Text Formulas for Custom Buttons - Course Outline

In this course, you'll master the Custom Button using the Rich Text Formula to drive action!

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"Your website & instructional videos have been instrumental in my journey through Quick Base app development. The first video I watched was about customizing rich text fields, I think it's called something like "wow you can do that with a rich text field?". I was hooked after that. Quick Base Junkie is a lifesaver - Thank you so much for the work you do!"


"Trust me I have watched many videos from your website. "


"I discovered your channel some months back. Wish a channel like yours existed when I started working with Quickbase last year lol ... A great resource for people just getting started with QB and even those who need a quick refresher. I'll be sure to recommend your channel to anyone I know that works with QB and is looking for well crafted tutorials :D"


"I’ve been looking at your website and appreciate all the great content you have available there! I also just subscribed to your mailing list and look forward to getting your emails and learning new tricks."


"I love your website, it seems like a great reference for new and experienced users... I've bookmarked your site and I'm looking forward to using it as a reference regularly!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Select a course to learn more:

For info on all courses, including those coming soon, visit: https://quickbasejunkie.com/training

I know it's possible to learn all the information contained in this course in other ways. That's how I did it. But it's an understatement to say was hard and time-consuming.

What I've done with this course is take all that information, knowledge, and experience and package it up.

I've taken the overwhelming world of HTML/CSS coding and broke it down into the elements and format that you need to apply it to your buttons in Quick Base.

In addition, this course is rich with features not offered anywhere else!

  • Videos
  • Downloads
  • Assessments
  • A Quiz
  • Optional Exercise
  • Save / Resume Progress
  • Search for key terms
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Answers to FAQs
  • Closed Captioning
  • Completion Certificate

These features seamlessly work together to enable you to learn Custom Rich Text Buttons fast!

This course is for:

  • Anyone who has the role "Administrator" in a Quick Base app.
  • Anyone who has the ability to build, create, or develop in their Quick Base apps.
  • Quick Base Account Admins.


  • A basic understanding of writing Quick Base formulas.

This course contains:

  • An overview of Rich Text Formula Buttons
  • The essentials for customizing the look of your buttons
  • Details on how to use predefined styles
  • How to get even more predefined styles to simplify creating buttons
  • Instruction on how to use images as your button graphic
  • Numerous examples and demos in Quick Base
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • 2 Bonus Lessons


  • A Quiz to reinforce key concepts
  • PDF cheat sheets of the information you'll want to reference later
  • Downloadable swipe files for all the formulas demonstrated


This course covers numerous CSS style properties, but does not cover the entire extensive list. The properties covered in the course as well as several not covered ARE included in the Style Cheat Sheet for download.

While this course includes a number formula of examples, it is not intended to teach how to create the various actions you may wish your buttons to perform. The exception is a bonus lesson that will teach you how to tap into form actions like Save, Delete, and Print.

For more information on creating action buttons using APIs, please see the course Secrets of API Buttons.

This course includes sections for Troubleshooting and answers to FAQs. I will do my best to answer questions you have about implementing the formulas taught in this course, however I will not be able to troubleshoot your formulas for you.

Once your purchase is complete you will be asked to set up a Quick Base Junkie account and will get immediate access to the course.

All courses are hosted online and are accessible by logging into your Quick Base Junkie account anytime. 

This course consists of:

  • Videos
  • Assessments
  • A Quiz
  • An optional exercise

The total video time is 1.25 hrs.

With the additional time for the assessments, quiz, and optional exercise I suggest planning for a full day to complete the course and practice making buttons.

Of course, you may choose to take longer if needed. All of your progress is automatically saved and can be accessed anytime.

Yes! I've added Closed Captioning to all of my videos.

Closed Captioning is great if you are hearing impaired or if English is not your native language.

And, it is also great if you are a visual learner.

PLUS: You can search the videos for key terms using the CC menu!

Yes! I offer discounts for teams and non-profits.

Please contact me with the number of people on your team and which courses you're interested in purchasing.

[email protected]

I know you won't be disappointed with this course.

If for some reason the videos, quiz, bonuses and downloads are not what you expected, you can request a full refund within 30 days.

No. Quick Base Junkie and Quick Base have no formal connections.

I love their product and use my expertise to enable builders to get the most from the apps they create.

Still have questions?



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