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Automation! Add child record with parent in Quickbase

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It's time to start automating those routine tasks! Using a Quickbase automation to add child records when a parent record is added will save you sooooo much time.

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Sometimes life can get a little redundant... when that's the case.. Automate! If any of the following sound familiar, you'll benefit from adding a Quickbase automation to add child records when a parent is added.

  • Projects with common initial tasks
  • Sales Leads with common initial activities
  • Employees with common on-boarding actions
  • and many more

In this video on Quickbase Automations, I'll take you through each step to set up an automation to add multiple child records when a new parent record is saved.

  1. Create a new automation with the "record is added" trigger
  2. Set the action(s) to add new records to the child table and save
  3. Test the results

As you get started with Automations, please be cautious and heed the warnings I share in this training.

Otherwise, have fun and enjoy saving boatloads of time! 



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FROM THE VIDEO: "...let's get started in this automation example I have two tables projects and tasks projects is related to tasks where it is the parent of each task let's look at projects let's assume that for every project we add we want to include two initial tasks one to identify the project team and two to set up a kickoff meeting instead of manually creating both the project and these two additional task records we can set up an automation that will automatically add the tasks for us each time a new project is added to do this let's jump into those automations will choose settings and I'll scroll down here to automations let's create our new automation in this case we want to set the trigger that's going to initiate that automation for this it'll be when data changes we'll give it a name and then choose the trigger the default trigger is when a record is added so we'll choose projects here we can set any additional criteria I'll move on to adding our action our our action is what the automation is going to do once that trigger is initiated here we'll be adding records where do we want to add those records that's going to be our tasks table and click finish there's a couple important things we'll need to do here any required fields will need to be filled we have the choice of copying from another record for example the parent record that's triggering we can type in a value or we could use a combination in this case I just want to type the value this first one will be to identify the project team I can also choose to set any of the other fields listed here during the automation now what we don't need to set is the related project field QuickBase has already done this for us we want to add a second action as well to create that second task if I needed to I could copy an action I can also delete the action you'll also notice a longer write in box here for comments I do want to give a quick warning here when adding records there's often little risk unless you've triggered something like a infinite loop in which case QuickBase will identify this and shut down the automation it's possible you can also trigger a non infinite loop that will bog down the system causing trouble so be cautious when creating your triggers all right now let's go back to our Quickbase and trigger this here automation head over to my projects table I will add a new project and save you'll notice there's no sort of alert that lets you know that an automation in fact ran so let's check and see if it did let's take a look we will filter to our project name this is a new project and we can see our two new tasks for identify the project team and schedule the kickoff meeting as you can see automations are a great way to minimize effort taking away the need to automatically create child records when a parent is created..."


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