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Automation! Schedule adding records in Quick Base

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Schedule routine tasks to be done for you automatically in Quick Base! Using automations on a schedule will change the way you work in ways you can't even imagine.

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Do you have daily, weekly, or monthly recurring Quick Base activities? I bet you do!

If any of these sound familiar you'll want to check out this training:

  • You track tasks or to-do lists that have recurring daily, weekly or monthly tasks that you manually create records fo reach time
  • You track subscription type charges that occur on a regular schedule
  • You track recurring marketing campaigns
  • You track monthly finance activities
  • The list goes on...

In this training on Quick Base Automations, I'll take you through each step to set up an automation that runs on a regular schedule to add records.

  1. Create a new automation based on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule
  2. Set the action(s) to add new records and save
  3. Test the results

As you get started with Automations, please be cautious and heed the warnings I share in this training.

Otherwise, have fun and enjoy saving boatloads of time!


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FROM THE VIDEO: "...now let's get started in this automation example we'll be setting a scheduled automation that means you don't have to do something to trigger the automation rather it automatically runs based on a schedule we set the automation you want is that each week any active project will require a weekly status update so let's go into the automations I'll choose settings and scroll down to automations let's start a new automation this automation will be set to trigger on a schedule I'll name my automation the frequency can either be daily weekly or monthly I'm going to set this to weekly and have it run every Monday now I'll add in my action you might be thinking the action I want to perform here is to add a record and while you wouldn't be wrong you wouldn't be entirely right either what I'm actually going to do is copy records because I need my tasks to remain related to my project and now I do need to set up some particular filters we'll start by identifying the record we want to copy now I know that I named it with a task name weekly status update we want to choose the latest weekly status update in order to do that I'm gonna choose the date created is on or after the date of seven days in the past and then I can continue to add additional filters as necessary for this example let's take the project status and say it's not equal to the value on hold right I don't want to be creating any weekly status updates requirements when the project is on hold you could also include perhaps things like cancelled or complete with those settings in place I can now think about what do I actually want to have copied from this record that we've filtered down to into my new task the destination table will be tasks I'll set my task name here again I'll type in a value and then very important here I want to make sure that my task remains connected to my parent so we're going to copy the related project from a value in the record great so we've got that all set up very important all of this filtering and narrowing now let's go ahead and click Save and return to our application our automation has run and so we can check out the results before we head over to the tasks table to see our new weekly status update I do want to point out one thing notice the record here for finance system upgrade it happens to be on hold and if you recall from our automation we set anything on hold to not get that weekly status update record added now let's head over to our tasks table now on our tasks table we'll scroll all the way here to the bottom and you'll notice we have weekly status updates for a number of items these first five are the ones that I previously added the ones that we made a copy of however these next four well these are the ones the automation automatically added for me these were added around 4:00 a.m..."

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