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Automation! Delete child with parent record in Quickbase

advanced applications automation how to intermediate time saving tips May 08, 2019

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Automating routine tasks just got a whole lot easier! Using a Quickbase automation to delete child records when the parent record is deleted will not only save you time, but also keep your Quickbase nice and tidy.

Bonus: This training also utilizes the NEW Builder Program where you can access a FREE personal Quickbase license.

It's easy to orphan child records by deleting the parent and be left with the aftermath.

  • Do you often find orphan records in your Quickbase and aren't sure if they need to be deleted or assigned to a parent?
  • Do you dread the cleanup necessary before (or after) deleting parent records?
  • Do others create extra work for you by not deleting orphaned records when they should?

In this tutorial on Quickbase Automations, I'll take you through each step to set up an automation to delete the child record of any parent that is deleted.

  1. Create a new automation with a trigger
  2. Set the action(s) and save
  3. Test the results

As you get started with Automations, please be cautious and heed the warnings I share in this training.

Otherwise, have fun and enjoy saving boatloads of time!





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