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9 Ways to Use HTML in Quickbase

html topic Jan 12, 2021

Working with HTML in Quickbase can be a bit tricky, but the payoff is HUGE!

HTML & CSS can be used in a variety of ways in several locations throughout Quickbase.

  • In legacy form text elements
  • In rich text fields
  • In rich text formula fields
  • In rich text report formulas
  • In email notifications
  • In custom data rules
  • In rich text pages
  • In code pages
  • In Pipelines

WOW, there sure are a lot of places where HTML can be used in Quickbase! 

In the following 9 tutorials I share different strategies for using HTML in your apps:

HTML in Legacy Form Text Elements

#1 Give your form text 'style' using simple HTML [6 mins] 

#2 Make it pop! Add a logo or image to a form [6 mins]


HTML in Rich Text Formula Fields

#3 Want to make your text stand out? Add color! [6 mins]

#4 How to add images for picture-perfect reports & forms [15 mins]

#5 Use icons to draw focus and drive action [11 mins]

#6 Display Choices in Bullet or Numbered List [text only]

#7 Mini Pie Charts for Table Reports [text only]

#8 Magical Mini Query Tables [15 min]


HTML in Report Formulas

#9 10 Kanban Report Hacks [10 mins]

Want to learn more about using HTML in Quickbase?

The Quick Base Junkie HTML Formula Crash Course is a self-paced, online course that gradually building from basic to advanced. 

Through numerous examples, demonstrations, and exercises, you'll be able to harness a valuable new skill set. (Not to mention the enormous value you'll add to your apps.)

Learn more about the HTML Formula Crash Course or the HTML Course Bundle.




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