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Build Apps Fast with the AI Smart Builder in Quickbase

applications how to intermediate time saving tips Feb 26, 2024

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In this video, we're diving into Quickbase's AI Smart Builder. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Quickbase webinar, and the insights I gained left me eager to try the new app building tool myself. 😃

Quickbase has always empowered builders and citizen developers to create robust applications tailored to their unique needs. However, with the introduction of the AI Smart Builder, Quickbase takes this to the next level.


You can access the AI Smart Builder when you start a new app either from the My Apps page or the right side of the App Bar when already in an app.

The first step in utilizing the AI Smart Builder was to articulate my objectives for the app. Whether it's tracking customer orders, managing internal projects, or analyzing sales metrics, the AI Smart Builder requires several pieces of information about the app to get started.

With the details for my demo app entered I clicked the "Create" button and the AI Smart Builder proceeded to create a new app. What struck me was the speed and efficiency with which the app was generated.

In less than a minute, Quickbase laid the foundation for the app I described, complete with sample data to provide context.

Now it was time to inspect the AI Smart Builder's work!

I found various tables, each serving a specific purpose in line with my stated objectives. From customer orders to monthly metrics, Quickbase populated the app with essential components, offering a foundation for further customization.

Not bad Quickbase! 👍

While impressed by the AI Smart Builder's speed and convenience, I did notice some limitations. Notably, the inability to create formulas, which is problematic especially when the sample data may make appear that it has. However, in the webinar I attended the folks from Quickbase did hint at future enhancements that may address this shortcoming.

As I finished my review of the app created by the AI Smart Builder, I couldn't help but feel excited about its potential 🤩. While it may not offer all the features of a fully complete app, the AI Smart Builder could serve as a useful tool for rapid prototyping.

The AI Smart Builder is available on all Quickbase accounts (for users with the permissions to create new apps). It will create basic Tables, Fields, Relationships, Forms, Reports, and Dashboards based on the data you provide.

At the time of this writing, it does not create formulas, notifications, pipelines, or other more advanced features. It is also not yet possible to use the AI Smart Builder to augment an existing app. There is also a limit of 300 characters when providing input to the AI Smart Builder, so it is not possible to fully define every table and field you want it to generate.

Whether you're a seasoned builder or a newer to Quickbase app development, the AI Smart Builder offers a user-friendly solution for bringing your ideas to life. As I continue to experiment with this tool, I encourage you to test it out on your use cases.

With future updates on the horizon, I'm eager to see how Quickbase continues to refine and expand this innovative tool.

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