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Quickbase Keyboard Shortcuts
21+ Time Savers

beginner intermediate time saving tips Apr 05, 2021

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Who doesn't love a good shortcut! I use keyboard shortcuts on the regular whether it's in Quickbase or other applications. Below I've gathered useful shortcuts for working with Forms, Date Fields, Rich Text Fields, Text, and a few bonus Browser shortcuts too!

Have some shortcuts of your own to share? Add them in the comments below.

Mac users: Replace "ctrl" key with the "⌘ command" key and the "alt" key with "⌥ option" key.

Form Keyboard Shortcuts:

When manually entering a large number of records or populating a very long form, these shortcuts will be super helpful. No more back and forth between the keyboard and mouse (or trackpad).

Tip: Use grid edit if populating a lot of records at a time. Learn more about Grid Edit.


Save (or Save & Keep Working if last used)


Jump to the next field


Jump to the prior field


Check a checkbox

Arrow ▲ ▼

Select a radio button

Date/Time Keyboard Shortcuts:

These are some of the easiest shortcuts to use on forms or in Grid Edit. All you do is type a single key and BOOM you got your date or date & time. So simple!


Now (current date/time) in a Date/Time field


Today in a Date field


Increment one day backward


Increment one day forward



Rich Text Field Keyboard Shortcuts:

Give your rich text emphasis without taking your hands off the keyboard. Note, some font types may not display much of a change when selecting different decorations. Try a different font if you do not get the effect you're looking for.

Tip: To select text without using a mouse, hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight the text to select.

ctrl + b

Bold selected text

ctrl + i

Italicize selected text

crtl + u

Underline selected text

crtl + l

Hyperlink selected text (uses a lowercase L)

alt + 0

Accessibility Instructions with more shortcuts!

Tip: Double-click a word to select the entire word. Triple-click a word to select the entire paragraph.



Text Keyboard Shortcuts:

These are LITERALLY the three shortcuts I use the MOST... learn them, use them, love them 😍

ctrl + a

Select all text in a focus area

ctrl + c

Copy selected text

ctrl + v

Paste copied text

General Keyboard Shortcuts:

The 'undo' shortcut can be a lifesaver! It has saved me more than once when I accidentally deleted large amounts of text that shouldn't have been. CAUTION: it won't undo every action.

ctrl + z

Undo the last action

shift + ctrl + z

Redo the last action

Tip: Use "ctrl + y" in software like Excel & Word to repeat the last action. I use this often when applying formatting in multiple locations.

BONUS Browser Keyboard Shortcuts:

These browser shortcuts will have you working at lightning speed! Note, these may not work the same in all browsers (tested in Google Chrome).

ctrl + click on link

Open link in new tab

ctrl + f

Find text on the page

ctrl + r

Refresh the page

ctrl + [

Go back one page

ctrl + ]

Go forward one page

ctrl + l

Select the url in the address bar (uses a lowercase L)

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