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Move Records with API Buttons in Quick Base

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 Enroll in the Secrets of API Buttons Now  Sometimes a record just isn't where it should be. In that case, MOVE it with the click of a button!

For example, you have two tables collecting similar information but intended for different teams. Say there's a mix-up, what was meant to be entered in one table is now in the other.

Normally, a user would need to manually add the record to the correct table (repeating all of the same info), then find and delete the original record.

That can take up a lot of valuable time AND lead to mistakes in the process!

BUT with API buttons, you can automatically transfer the same info to the new record then delete the original (all at the click of a button)!

In the Secrets of API Buttons for Quick Base course, I teach you, step-by-step, how to do just that!

This video is a sneak peek into the training where I walk you through the scenario, how I set up the Quick Base, and a demo of the Move Record API button IN ACTION!

FULL DISCLOSURE: The step-by-step walkthrough of the API formula is only available in the paid course (learn more here). 

Move Records Scenario:

  • Support tickets are managed in a Quick Base
  • On occasion, tickets are entered in the wrong department's queue
  • Departments manage their tickets in different tables of the same Quick Base
  • Agents want to easily transfer the ticket to the correct department and permanently remove it from their queue

Move Records Objective (with one click):

  • Duplicate pertinent details from the original ticket to a new ticket in the correct table
  • Note the transfer on the ticket and allow for other annotations
  • Delete original ticket

This video is directly from the Quick Base Junkie training Secrets of API Buttons for Quick Base.

It is one of many examples where I walk you through, step-by-step, the scenario, setup, formula, and live demonstration of a Quick Base API Button in ACTION (not to mention all the training and resources to build your own API buttons from scratch)!!

Learn more about the Secrets of API Buttons, and other courses offered by Quick Base Junkie.


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