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Time Tracking with API Buttons in Quickbase

advanced api api examples automation formulas how to Nov 03, 2019

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Adding stopwatch like time tracking functionality to your Quickbase can be a game-changer!

You can use Quickbase to track...

Time on projects
Time on jobs
Time on tasks
Time on work orders
Time on case files

AND with API buttons, you can cut the time to track time, in half (or more)!

In the Secrets of API Buttons for Quickbase, I teach you, step-by-step, how to do just that!

This video is a sneak peek into the training where I walk you through the scenario, how I set up the Quickbase, and a demo of the time tracking API button IN ACTION!

FULL DISCLOSURE: The step-by-step walkthrough of the API formula is only available in the paid course (learn more here). 


Time Tracking Scenario:

  • Time spent on a task must be logged in Quickbase
  • Each time work is started/stopped on a task it is logged on a child record
  • Effort does not take place continuously

Time Tracking Objective (with one click):

  • Create a new time log on the task with today's date & time when work starts
  • Edit the latest time log with today's date and time when work stops
  • Prevent problematic scenarios such as attempting to add a time log when the task has not been saved

This tutorial is directly from the Quick Base Junkie training Secrets of API Buttons.

It is one of many examples where I walk you through, step-by-step, the scenario, setup, formula, and live demonstration of a Quick Base API Button in ACTION (not to mention all the training and resources to build your own API buttons from scratch)!!





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