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Align report text for optimal readability in Quick Base

how to intermediate reports Jun 08, 2018

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Does the default justification of data or text in your QuickBase reports not match your expectations? If that's the case you can easily override the default. This will ensure...

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Shortcut for customizing the column order of your reports in Quick Base

beginner how to reports Jun 02, 2018

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Sometimes you just need to make a quick adjustment to your report. Moving columns is easy with drag & drop. No need to hassle with the customization settings.

Arrange your...

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Make your reports user friendly with custom column headings in Quick Base

how to intermediate reports May 31, 2018

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Managing a table with lots of fields can become difficult. Naming your fields with a common nomenclature can make it easier. For example, putting the section name in the first...

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Why you should be adding color to your reports in Quick Base

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Color coding your QuickBase report rows allows the important information to stand out. Drawing attention to critical details will save time and ignite action. Learn how to add...

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