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How QuickBase can make you obsolete
(In a good way)

real world Jun 19, 2018

Reflecting on many of the workflow improvement projects I've managed in the past... I was enormously ineffective!

Well, sort of.

You see, 10 years ago I didn't have access to Quick Base. It...

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Shortcut for customizing your forms in Quick Base

beginner forms how to Jun 15, 2018

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Quickly customize your forms using this simple trick. Don't bother opening the form customization settings or going through the form field settings. This shortcut is all you...

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Don't settle for default chart colors in Quick Base

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Often the default QuickBase report colors don’t match the story you’re trying to tell with the data. For example “losses” may be green while,...

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Everything Is Bigger in Texas
(My Empower Experience)

empower Jun 12, 2018

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and Empower 2018 was no exception. Between the giant "Q" stage, a rather surprising cake, and lots of live local music, this Empower was the "biggest"...

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Align report text for optimal readability in Quick Base

how to intermediate reports Jun 08, 2018

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Does the default justification of data or text in your QuickBase reports not match your expectations? If that's the case you can easily override the default. This will ensure...

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Why the order of your tables matters in Quick Base

how to intermediate tables Jun 06, 2018

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Building a QuickBase isn’t always a linear process. This can result in your tables to be misaligned to how your users engage with the application. For example, you may...

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Heading to Empower 2018
(Time to Strategize)

empower Jun 05, 2018

I'm super excited to share that I'll be heading to my first Quick Base User Conference this year. The name of the conference is Empower — what an inspiring name!

The Empower conference is...

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Shortcut for customizing the column order of your reports in Quick Base

beginner how to reports Jun 02, 2018

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Sometimes you just need to make a quick adjustment to your report. Moving columns is easy with drag & drop. No need to hassle with the customization settings.

Arrange your...

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Make your reports user friendly with custom column headings in Quick Base

how to intermediate reports May 31, 2018

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Managing a table with lots of fields can become difficult. Naming your fields with a common nomenclature can make it easier. For example, putting the section name in the first...

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Passing the App Builder exam
(3 certification learnings)

I thought I was hot stuff! I mean I've been building apps longer than some people have been alive. Okay, maybe just people in elementary school, but still.

I had initially planned to take the...

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